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A zip file or folder stores several data files in compressed form. Microsoft has added inbuilt compression utility in Windows XP and higher Window versions to create zip folder. The zip utility can also be used to extract data from the zip folder. There are several third party zip file creators compatible with different versions of MS windows program. There are several advantages of storing several files in a single zip file:

  • The overall size of files and folders are reduced in a zip folder
  • Free some spaces of system drive due to reduced size of zip file
  • Takes less time in uploading and downloading
  • Little chances of corruption as several individual files are clubbed in a single folder

Causes of corruption of zip file and error messages

In spite of various advantages, zip files are also vulnerable to corruption threats. A zip folder can be damaged due to set of factors like virus attacks, corrupt storage devices, unexpected system shutdown, corrupt window partition and broken download from server. You will see different error messages while attempting to retrieve files from corrupt zipped folders:

  • File Path: Either multipart or corrupt ZIP archive
  • Cannot open .Zip file
  • Compressed (zipped) folder is invalid or corrupted
  • The archive is corrupt or damaged

If you are getting error messages due to broken download of zip file, then you should again try to download the same file from the site. However, if you are unable to know about the exact cause of corruption of zip folder, it is better to use a third party zip file recovery utility.

About Zip file recovery software

Zip file recovery software uses a simple graphical user interface and even a non-technical person can use the utility with ease. The software successfully resolves all corruption issues of the zip files such as CRC, broken download and compatibility errors.

Key features:

  • Successfully repairs both partly and severely damaged zip archives
  • Recover all files and folders from the inaccessible Zip folder
  • Capable of repairing several zip folders in single cycle
  • Use simple graphical interface so that even the new user can efficiently use the software
  • Supports data retrieval from zip folder created with winzip or other compression utility

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How the zip file recovery utility works?

You can add single or several corrupt zip folders of your local drive in the add box of the software. The data recovery begins when the user click on Add zip files button of the Zip file recovery program. You shall also get a preview of all repaired zip folders by the utility. The software user can save some or all repaired zip archives from the preview list.

Evaluate first then buy

You can evaluate the key features and functions of the Zip file recovery utility in trial mode. The trial program lets the user to repair unspecified number of corrupt zip folders. It also displays the results in a preview form. You are required to buy the license key of zip file recovery utility so that all repaired zip archives can be saved into your system or network drive.

Minimum system requirements:
  • A computer running on Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2000/98/NT/95
  • Pentium II processor or above
  • At least 64 MB free space in system drive
  • At least 50 MB RAM
Supported Zip file:
  • The software supports data recovery from all types of Zip archives